The Web-SP project

Installation of Web-SP on your server

Web-SP 3.0

Web-SP 2.2

Web-SP 2.1

Web-SP 2.0

Web-SP 1.9

Note to 1.x users: Version 2.x uses a slightly different database format in order to ensure future expandability. You are *recommended* to upgrade to version 2.0

Administrator's guide

How to administrate accounts and courses in Web-SP Admin. View the document (PDF).



Where do I edit the port for http connector?
File path:

Edit line 12. Normal value is "80"


What is the default life of the session, and can I change it somewhere?
The default life session is 30min. You can change this in your web.xml. $WebSP_Path/server/websp/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/conf/web.xml


Line 373, just above your welcome file list and below servlet mappings. (note this is 45 mins)


How to switch language?
Edit line 44 in web.xml
Path: /server/websp/deploy/websp.ear/websp.war/WEB-INF

  <init-param>                   <param-name></param-name>
Sets a default language, used when "sessionLanguage" is null or session does not exist yet. Valid parameter values so far: en,sw,fr,ge,sp


What is the recommended format and size for the video?
Format: Windows media video (.wmv)
Size: max 400x300 pixels
Codec Windows media V7.
25 pictures/sec.
Stream 320 kbit/s (ADSL/Cable)
Stream 904 kbit/s (LAN)



What is the recommended format and size for the sound?
Format: Windows media audio: (.wma)
16 bit stereo eller mono
Sampling frequence of 32.000 khz



How do I set the support email?
1. File location
2. Open viewText_xx.xml
xx = language (en, se, es, ge, fr, cn, etc...)
3. Edit line 49
4. Restart Web-SP


How do I shutdown Web-SP?
1. cd to /server/bin
2. Issue the following command if Web-SP is running on port 80:
./ -s -S


What can I customize?
You need to have upload/download files from the server using eg ssh.

1. First page
File path:

2. Page that loads the web-sp applicationFile

3. Web-SP Login page
File path:

4. System Text
File path: #/server/websp/deploy/websp.ear/websp.war/WEB-INF/xml/locale/viewText_en.xml

5. Help pages
File path:


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