The Web-SP project

New installation of Web-SP 2.2

Please follow the instructions below, step by step, to successfully install Web-SP on your server.
Web-SP is provided as a package including Jboss (license) and a built-in Apache Jakarta Tomcat (license).


1. Pre-requirements
Click here to find out what is required on the server-side before you start the installation of Web-SP.


2. Download websp22_install.tar
The URL to the download site is sent by email


3. Unpack websp22_install.tar
3.1 Move the websp22 folder to it's final location.
(eg. /usr/local or /opt, but it **shouldn't** be placed inside an existing apache htdocs directory)
3.2 tar xvf websp22_install.tar


4. Mail settings
4.1 Edit SMTP settings
- Edit ../websp22/server/websp/deploy/mail-service.xml
- Change the "value" to your local smtp server
<property name="" value=""/>
4.2 Edit From email
- Edit ../websp22/server/websp/deploy/mail-service.xml
- Change the "value" to your local smtp server
<property name="mail.from" value=""/>


5. Database
5.1 Create a database in mysql (eg. websp)
5.2 Import the websp2xen.sql file
Path to the sql file: ../websp22/install/websp2xen.sql
5.3 Edit settings
Edit ../websp22/server/websp/deploy/mysql-ds.xml
Change the following values: name_of_database, username, password.



6. Start
You are done! Time to start Web-SP.

6.1 Start Web-SP
> cd ../websp22/bin
> ./ -c websp
The startup can take a few minutes depending on your hardware.
A successfull startup will end with the following row:
13:51:42,821 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [4.0.1 (build: CVSTag=JBoss_4_0_1 date=200412230944)] Started in 1m:11s:265ms

6.2 Shutdown Web-SP
> cd ../websp22/bin
> ./ -S
> killall java

7. Login
Read the accounts.txt file for information about to login to Web-SP (application and admin area.

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