The Web-SP project

Upgrading from 1.9 to 2.1

  1. Shutdown Web-SP (./ -s -S)
  2. Perform a complete backup of the database, and the Web-SP folder.
  3. Unpack Web-SP 2.1 in it's final location
  4. Edit (or copy from backup) database access info (../server/websp/deploy/mysql-ds.xml)
  5. Edit (or copy from backup) the mail info (../server/websp/deploy/mail-service.xml)
  6. Move a copy of "UPLOADED_MEDIA" and "CASE_IMAGES" from the backup to ../server/websp/deploy/websp.ear/websp.war/view
  7. Start Web-SP 2.1 (keep the ssh terminal window open)
  8. Shutdown Web-SP again (new db tabels are created)
  9. Upgrade db with add_fields.sql and add_indexes.sql (download)
  10. Start Web-SP (cd /bin then ./ -c websp)
  11. Login
  12. Convert patient cases by:
    • Opening a new browser window (right-click on the websp window to keep the same session) and enter http://xxxx:xxx/websp/view/PortingOldCases
    • Please Wait until all the cases are converted - you may monitor the progress via the ssh terminal window
  13. Update the link to the login page to:

sql files to upgrade a web-sp 1.9 db -

Post install instructions

The PortingOldCases utility is not needed anymore and should be deleted/disabled.

1. edit $JBOSS_HOME\server\websp\deploy\websp.ear\websp.war\WEB-INF\web.xml
2. delete:

                    The servlet context path,
                    against which media paths are relative


3. Delete

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