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Version 3.1

WebSP 3.1 is a minor update

  • The import/export tool complies with the eVIP profile (based on the Medbiquitous standard)
  • Web-SP English, Swedish, German and Spanish have been merged to one install package

Version 3.0

WebSP 3.0(previously known as version 2.3) is considered a major release and changes include:

  • A complete graphical overhaul, giving the system a new look while maintaining the same intuitive interface.
  • It is now possible to export(and import) patient cases via xml-files.
  • Some changes has been made to better accomodate for local needs relating to the usage of templates and localization.
  • New Web-SP Admin tool (Optional)

Version 2.1

Only important changes are listed.

  • A patient case can be deleted
  • Support for media in the patient interview module (e.g. video, sound)
  • Extensive support for several media formats in all modules:
    • jpeg, gif, png, bmp
    • wmv, mpg, mpeg, mpeg2, rm
    • wma, wav, mp3, ram, ra
    • swf, doc, pdf, xls, ppt, pps, xml, txt
  • Better handling of media in all modules (a user can either upload the media file *or* link to a media file hosted on e.g. a website or media/LO repository)
  • Increased the size of the application window
  • Bulk import of user accounts from other systems (eg. LMS)

Version 2.0

Only important changes are listed.

Web-SP Core

  • Compatible with the latest java sdk, jboss and tomcat.
  • Introduced support for THEMES - possibility to create customized interfaces on a case level.
  • Support for 3-tier architecture (apache<>web-sp<>database).
  • Introduced support for plug-ins - no need to make changes to the core code.
  • Install package provided to make the installation easier.
  • Database update script for smooth upgrade from version 1.9


Web-SP Authoring
  • Support for disabling/hiding a whole sub-category.
  • Edit the name of a sub-category
  • Create new sub-categories.
  • Extended activity log showing all the steps undertaken by the student/learner chronologically.
  • Increased the size of the application window.
  • Support for "Children" doll in phys. exam.


Web-SP Student view
  • Intro text - shown only at the first login session
  • Phys Exam - turning the doll is now more intuitive.
  • Phys Exam - improved usability by replacing the drop-down menu listing available exams.
  • Added a media library - media rich elements from phys. exam and lab tests can be viewed on a separate window (media library) while entering a diagnosis and therapy.
  • Therapy - added a "justify your answer" field
  • Extensive printable activity log.

Web-SP Admin
  • Bulk import of users to a course

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