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Why use a computer-based patient simulation?

Modern simulations allow participants to practice the skills they know, and to establish and practice what they don't know, regardless of the setting, or lack thereof.  Simulations also offer participants exposure to a wide variety of diseases that they may not encounter in a clinical experience and are especially valuable when patient availability is reduced.  Finally, evaluation, assessment, and certification can be accomplished through simulations.


  • The versatility of Web-SP allows development of simulations that can be used for independent self-directed learning, group interaction, assessment purposes, or a combination thereof.
  • Web-SP can emulate a problem-based learning environment to assist students in becoming active, independent learners and problem solvers.
  • Web-SP patient simulations can be adapted for multiple learning levels and can therefore be implemented throughout a medical curriculum, residency program, or continuing education.
  • The structure of a case allows for self-pacing. One can learn as they go, and go as quick or as slow as they like. 
  • Use of these cases foster independence and increased access for participants.  Interactive system like Web-SP can provide greater and more equal access to a quality education program that cannot be offered in a textbook or scheduled training time.
  •   Use of these cases also lead to increased participant motivation and attention.  Interactive systems like Web-SP provide feedback and require individual involvement that has proven to be highly motivating.
  • A student is assured of privacy and constructive feedback as he or she moves through a case. With Web-SP, a student/learner is free to ask questions and explore areas that might otherwise cause embarrassment in group situations.
  • Case Studies

    - Patient simulations are being implemented within clerkship programs in order to supplement student knowledge.

    -Patient simulations can also be implemented within case-based learning (CBL) small groups

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