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Please use the link below to access the Web-SP server (English version)

Every Saturday Web-SP will be closed for maintenance.

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The latest stable version (3.3.1) was released: Feb 2, 2011

Do note that version from 3.3 and forward implements a new version of the eVip VPD specification used for importing/exporting patient cases, this format is not compatible with the old format and importing VPD's from older versions will not yield fully usable cases.

Notable features of 3.3.1:
  • Case creators can ask followup questions to students, the questions can be graded via the exam module.
  • Followup questions are included in all IO-operations, like copy/export/import.
  • The exam module has been reworked for a better workflow and more options.
  • A strict mode is introduced (activated via a database flag), strict mode is a mode where student workflow is less open and is integral for examination purposes.
  • The administration interface now supports removing students and courses, as well as "clearing" students and courses.
  • The administration interface now supports the examinator role.
Notable features of 3.3:
  • New import/export format, compliant with the eVip VPD specification version 1.0
  • Structural changes to support slimmed down patient case templates
Notable features of 3.2:
  • Free text search on medical history and lab test
  • Redesigned physical examination
  • Improved feedback dialog interface

Welcome to the Web-SP project

Create/Run/Manage Web-based Virtual Patients

"Web-SP is a generic web-based, interactive, student activating patient simulation system, with a built-in authoring tool allowing any teacher to develop cases with ease"

Most important case simulation features are available, including: interactive history taking, physical examination, lab section, diagnosis and differentials, therapy, interactive session feedback and integrated online resources.

Background and goals
Pedagogical benefits
Take a guided tour

The Web-SP project is developed with support from the Wallenberg Global Learning Network (WGLN), the Swedish LearningLab (SweLL) and by Karolinska Institutet's internal funds.

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